Off to Mt Fuji

All work and no play makes us guys really bored. And so for the next 2 days, we're heading up to Kawaguchiko, also known as the Mt Fuji area, for a little break. Don't worry, we'll be back with the closing event of the Tokyo International Film Festival. I'm pretty sure a little travel update would be a good reading break for you guys.

Claustrophobia - Press Conference

2pm. Movie Cafe.
Film: Claustrophobia
Story: A love story about an office love affair in a mellow atmosphere. Directorial debut by a well-known script writer of {Comrades, Almost a Love Story} (1996). Sophisticated images leave lasting impressions.
Present: Ivy Ho (Director), Karena Lam (Cast), Ekin Cheng (Cast)

[ View the whole press conference above. ]

Top of the world

Wanna feel top of the world in Japan? Besides climbing Mt Fuji of cos, THAT story will come later, Roponggi also boast an impressive sky deck for visitors to view a spectacular sight of Tokyo. Check out the video above to see what i mean.