Kill - Review

Director: Mamoru Oshii, Kenta Fukasaku, Takanori Tsujimoto, Minoru Tahara

Yoko Fujita, Rinko Kikuchi, Takuya Mizoguchi
Cast: Yoko Fujita, Rinko Kikuchi, Takuya Mizoguchi

Review: An anthology of 4 short film in coinciding with the killing blade series, each with its own theme of revenge, samurai style. From the Master of Japanimation, Mamoru Oshii, comes a different style of story telling, each with its own unique style and setting. From manga to Edo period styled children story telling, A much anticipated introduction to live story telling sadly had its roller coaster symptom. It started out fairly good. A classic manga styled face off with the enemy with a tragic end. Although very much looked like a tv production, its action sequence were quite impressive. The fav, Second episode is a story of a boy who was taught the way of a samurai. Filmed in the style of An old japanese film, complete with voiceover, square frame and grainy texture, i can't help but think, what a cool way to wrap such a simple story line to find interest in the audience. The 3rd act pretty much went down hill after that with a story of a possessed twin sword that involves 2 soldiers of different era. The final act, most peotic lot, had the potential of a full blown fantasy epic about good and evil, but sadly, it ended quite abruptly leaving a little disappointed.

TIFF - Green Carpet

When: 17 Oct 2008
What: Tokyo International Film Festival
Where: Roppongi Keyakizaka Street

Tony Leung, Julianne Moore, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Yoshino Kimura, Hiroshi Abe, Carina Lau, Teppei Koike and Vicki Zhao are just a few of the names gracing the glamourous event right here, accentuated at the Roppongi Keyakizaka Street in the enchanting dusk of the evening. Straying away from the usual red carpet, green seem to be the in thing nowadays hence The Green Carpet Welcome on the opening day at Roppongi Keyakizaka Street with a hope of conveying the message of “Ecology = Preservation of Earth’s Environment.” and to top it off, the carpet is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles!

The 21st TIFF will hold various events under the theme of this edition, "Ecology", as innovative efforts to become a leading world film festival, in which guests, fans and sponsors will enjoy participating. Action! for Earth, speaks to the dying needs of the earth's environment. We've seen loads of filmmakers addressing the issue, no international film festival has stepped up to stand up for the cause.

So enough of the reading/writing, on with the pictures and videos!

The Code - Press Conference

1150am. Sky Studio.
Film: Shonen Merikensack
Story: For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5" has raised the bar for detective work. The agents of Detective Office 5 are a group of stellar detectives lead by the genius code breaker Detective 507. When an unknown client enlists 507 to crack his most difficult programming code yet, the detective embarks for Shanghai where he crosses paths with a sniper, an informant, the head of the Blue-Dragon Mafia, and beautiful singer on the run, Meilan. As 507 stumbles deeper into a twisted quagmire of intrigue he discovers the sad truth behind the mystery.
Present: Kaizo Hayashi (Director), KikuNsuke Onoe (Cast), Izumi Inamori (Cast), Joe Shishido (Cast), Hiroki Matsukata (Cast), Shunsuke Matsuoka (Cast), Shiro Sano (Cast), Shihori Kanjiya (Cast)

Media Galore

And to think there were alot of journalist, videoman and photographers in Singapore and Hong Kong (HKIFF), take a look at the sheer number of them below! We were all gathered in a hall for a short briefing before the Green Carpet of the dos and don'ts. By the looks of these, we can set up a contengency to make up a school strength!