The Code - Press Conference

1150am. Sky Studio.
Film: Shonen Merikensack
Story: For 60 years, the group of detectives known as "Detective Office 5" has raised the bar for detective work. The agents of Detective Office 5 are a group of stellar detectives lead by the genius code breaker Detective 507. When an unknown client enlists 507 to crack his most difficult programming code yet, the detective embarks for Shanghai where he crosses paths with a sniper, an informant, the head of the Blue-Dragon Mafia, and beautiful singer on the run, Meilan. As 507 stumbles deeper into a twisted quagmire of intrigue he discovers the sad truth behind the mystery.
Present: Kaizo Hayashi (Director), KikuNsuke Onoe (Cast), Izumi Inamori (Cast), Joe Shishido (Cast), Hiroki Matsukata (Cast), Shunsuke Matsuoka (Cast), Shiro Sano (Cast), Shihori Kanjiya (Cast)