Sayonara Nihon

10 days as past and my virgin trip to the land of the rising sun was much more than just an eye opener. Autumn was the season of choice with its cool breeze and sometime chilly morning, it was a 180 degree situation from what we have in Singapore. From hot meal vending machines to timely train schedules, I was pretty much impress by what i experienced in Japan. As so was by the whole film festival. This being the 2nd major film festival attended to date, Tokyo seems to top it off with its professional coverage and detailed attention to all corners of the festival. Everyone was attended to and the flow of such event went on so smoothly, it looked effortless. Kudos to the management and organizer of the Tokyo Film Festival, you have definitely won me over. Japan has won me over and i will be back. In fact, I'm missing it already.

To all who have been following me through the duration of the festival online in this blog, a big thank you for logging on and i hope you've enjoyed the coverage plus snippets of Japan itself. You may be wondering where else will we be next year? Well stay tuned to as we surf you around the world of film. May it be reviews, press conferences or news bites, is the number one choice to keep you updated.

For now, this is Lokman signing off.