Echo of Silence - Press Conference

1045am. Movie Cafe.
Film: Echo of Silence
Story: A story of a woman who lost memory of her love, and a speechless man.
Present: Atsuro Watabe (Director), Saki Takaoka (Cast)

When the film was completed?
I had the idea 5 years ago and was made in 3 weeks. The project was smooth sailing but was problematic in editing.

As a 1st time director, when and how did you (director) get/ask Saki Takaoka on board? What was her attraction?
I had known her for long time. We were in a film together when she was 18. She was flexible and diverse in acting. She has a good vibe in working condition. So it was natural in my choice of selection.

Even though the film has no strong story, was there a msg behind it?
I didn't want to and wanted a great sense of feeling from my actors. As for hidden msges, non so far as i wanted to leave interpretation to the audience and let them think.

Which was harder? Directing or acting? (he does both)
I didn't compare as such. Just did a normal day to day work, going on instinct.

Why did you decide to direct?
I wasn't really driving on a motivation to be director. It was a natural selection to do so as i came up with the plot.

What was the procedure of the film making? Along the lines of script or gut feeling?
It wasn't a conscious mind set of the film making. It was rather a flexible system where certain scene will determine how it will be shot.

How was it working with the Atsuro Watabe (Director)?
He try his best to give everyone comfort. Even with a 2 weeks time frame, he was relaxed and appreciate the effort. No arrogance, just relax and natural as he is now.