Shonen Merikensack - Press Conference

1220pm. Tower Hall.
Film: Shonen Merikensack
Story: A record company employee discovers a punk rock band called "Shonen Merikensack" and is assigned the task of signing them even though she's not particularly adept at her job and doesn't enjoy punk music.
Present: Kankuro Kudo(Director),Aoi Miyazaki(Cast), Yuichi Kimura(Cast), Tomorowo Taguchi(Cast), Koichi Sato(Cast)

Being in TV and film now, which is harder?
Even when the roles are different, what makes it easier is the fact that the make-up, costume and set plays a major role to how to differentiate my TV and film profile.

Being surrounded by a cast of all male and middle aged men, how were they treating you?
Oh they were kind to me. Very much a cosy cast with natural bonding. Even in silence, there isn't an awkward treatment at all. Thats how comfortable we are with each other.

Kudo (Director), you look too young to be involve to be in punk rock. Are you into this genre?
Young? I'm actually 38! And yes, i am into the genre. Punk was introduced to japan when i was in middle school and made me wonder, what if being a 25 year old punk guy grow up to be when they get older? Will they fit in the society? Will something positive come out of it? That are the questions i want to be faced in the film.

You having been directing several TV shows and stage, is film harder for you?
Its hard to say, Definitely, with film, I have to watch what i say. Of cos, there is alot of involvement in the film process but the satisfaction is definitely worth it. You get to have a feeling of attachment to the work and that is a special feeling, especially when u show it to an audience.