Super Typhoon - Review

Director: Feng Xiaoning

Cast: Wu Gang, Song Xiaoying, Liu Xiaowei

Review: You've seen all the laden special effect film that just satisfy the hunger of something explosive or a climatic apocalyptic event that stirs chaos to the world. Well from the top of my head, in Hollywood terms, movies like, The Day After Tomorrow, Armageddon, Dante's Peak or even those TV series straight to DVD type to film are always a crowd pleaser hence it's only natural for the asian counterpart to pick up on this money churner.Director Feng Xiaoning's new movie 'Super Typhoon' is now showing across China. The movie aims to attract the public's attention to the urgent matter of environmental protection. For the past 20 years, Feng Xiaoning has been promoting 'green' awareness with his film work and his own exemplary environmental behavior. He is acclaimed the 'Green Director of China'.
Pretty much a no holds, leave your brains outside kind of film. Just sit back and enjoy the carnage. They've got all the formulas needed, The Mayor, a hero with heart of gold, helpless civilians, a protagonist determined to get back to his wife who is giving birth, fishermen who are willing to save their boats with their lives, long lost teachers and even tops it off, playing homage to hollywood disaster flicks, a dog who survives at the end. Look out Hollywood, China is slowly catching up on you.